To become the region’s most preferred supplier of construction machinery.
To be a one-stop- solution provider to our customers for their heavy equipment business needs.

  To deliver quality construction equipment and allied machinery from global manufacturers to our valued clientele
To consistently meet the customer requirements for heavy equipment and allied products
To support the products we supply with unmatched service standards that keep the machines maximum productive
To provide our customers with value for their money invested in the equipment.

  Right products, at the right price, at the right time
Focus on customer satisfaction
Trust in the products and service we provide
Employee development & positive working environment

Excellence: Strive to achieve excellence in the products we deliver and the service we provide
Loyalty: Remain loyal to all the people we deal with, through mutual respect and commitment
Integrity: Follow highest ethics in all our dealings
People: Employee development & positive
working environment

Al Wasit Group - Divisions
Al Wasit Machinery
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Al Wasit Equipment Est
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Al Wasit Roads Construction
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Al Wasit Heavy Industry
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Anhui Hualing Automobile Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary company of Anhui Xingma Automobile Group Co.Ltd. Our company currently has a fixed asset of 1 billion CNY and a total asset of more than 2 billion CNY. Our company has 2000 employees, of which more than 300 are engineers and technicians. We have a provincial technological center and a postdoctoral scientific research workstation approved by the state. Our company has established a long term technological cooperation relationship with Japan's Mitsubishi FUSO, and has signed with Mitsubishi FUSO a technology introduction agreement with a term of 10 years. We also formed a sound cooperative relation of production, education and research with a number of well-known domestic Auto universities and institutions including Qinghua University, Jilin University, Hunan University and Hefei University, thus we have a strong capability for technological development.

Our company has advanced equipment and has a production capacity of 30,000 heavy-duty trucks per year which makes us one of the most important production and research bases for heavy automobiles in China. We are a key enterprise supported by the state ministries and commissions, and have been awarded as one of "the most promising self-developed brands in China" by the relevant state authorities. In Aug., 2006, the State Ministry of Commerce and the Development and Reform Commission recognized our company as one of the first 44 "export base enterprise of complete units of the Chinese automobile". Recently, we have won an "Automobile Self-development and Innovation" award for contribution in China's Auto innovation after introduction and digestion.

Our company has now become a good example of those state advocated companies that are committed to developing their own brands and innovation. The heavy-duty trucks of CAMC are a new generation of heavy-duty trucks developed on the basis of the technological platform of Mitsubishi.
They boast a deluxe (luxurious), grand, steady and spacious cab with a broad view, a friendly design and luxury decorations. The doors and windows are electric ones. The cab is equipped with an electric turning mechanism which is reliable and easy to operate. The electrical system is supported by computer integration technology and is capable of automated troubleshooting. All major assembly equipments are sophisticated ones selected from China and abroad. The engine can be selected from engines of Japan's Mitsubishi, US's Caterpillar C13 and C9, China's CUMMINS (the M11 or L series), STEYR, Weicai and Aowei. The manufactured trucks will all have to go through a field reliability test of 50,000KM and be assessed by AUDIT so as to ensure that they have stable performance and reliable quality, and conform to the requirements of concerning state laws and regulations as well as environment protection standards. These heavy duty trucks have reached the advanced level of similar products abroad.

The development of CAMC Automobile depends on your support and care. We sincerely welcome opinions and advices on the development of the company from leaders of governments at different levels, clients, media and people from all circles. We will undoubtedly make greater efforts to produce better heavy-duty trucks with our own Chinese brand which orient towards both domestic and overseas markets, thus making our due contribution to the development of Chinese auto industry!


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